(Pool service New Braunfels) will use vacuum cleaner to clean pool

Pool service New Braunfels

With the help of the vacuum cleaner you can clean the pool easily. You can check out the website with the price and call us at 803-203-9099. Pool service New Braunfels are pool enthusiasts, and our primary occupation is to care for your pool.



Simple 5 chemicals (New Braunfels pool service) used in the pool

It important to clean your pool so that dirt will not come inside that. To clean your pool you have to do the research work on item by which you can clean your pool.

pool cleaning

  • Cholorine– If you think that you have flu virus in your swimming pool then you can use the cholorine. The chlorine kill the flu virus and hits the water. So you can put chlorine according to the size of the pool.
  • Muriatic Acid-This acid is very useful to pure the water because when you add this to the pool water it regulate the PH level.
  • Calcium– This chemical is also present in the pool that has very bad side effect. So it important to clean your pool from Company like New Braunfels pool service.
  • Cyanuric Acid-This type of chemical also found in the pool because it make the calcium in the solid form such as tabs and granular.
  • Copper,Iron and other metals– You will found metals in the pool water like copper that found in some algaecides and could also be found in your plumbing depending on your house.

So as you know everything how we put these item and make the water stay blue.